mars 2019

I have seen Dave and his follower Kevin. I shall pray to the mother Momo today. A sacrafice is needed; our Lord is back. Bless you Dean. Bring forth our sacraficial lamb.

avril 2019

These are links to Sono Sion's Suicide Club and Noriko's dinner table, with spanish and english subtitles respectively. Enjoy the viewing. There aren't that much updates for this months. The Roster is making a comeback however it will only contain comfirmed and non-comfirmed spoofers. More information about the Pokémon Go community is yet to come.

March 2019

I usually don't do this. JIKENNEWS.info is almost international hence I have no choice now. These are the recent updates.

♠Literature will longer be on free hosting sites.
♥BBS is back up.
♣Facebook was added.
♦Videogame and roster removed.

February 2019

The Facebook page is open, the roster deleted. Due to budget set backs, many pages we have removed many pages. Enjoy a simplified, more pure Jikennews.info. We are still not affiliated with the website Jikennews.info though we commemorate their efforts towards success in keeping old age friendships alive. Finally, Scary but true: I must thank you for finding me in one of the strangest times of my life.


December 2018

Nothing much to say this month. Updates for January mostly done.

November 2018

Before and After Pokémon Go
Even for those who managed to stay completely clear of the fad that was Pokémon Go, the change that happened could be witnessed outside the gaming community. These are a few changes you may or may not have witnessed.

1. Heading to someone’s car window when they’re parked quietly and giving a good knock to get their attention. Before the release of Pokémon Go, this wouldn’t be advised as the act is kind of creepy. After Pokémon Go, I was doing this to almost anyone just to see if they we’re playing too. Wearing some Pokémon clothes or having a Pokémon themed phone case has helped me in this regard, as now I don’t need to make my intentions known after they cautiously roll the window down. It’s obvious right off the bat that I’m trying to meet and greet other “trainers.”
2. Standing around in a circle on a sidewalk or in a park. I’ve actually heard people passing by my raid group saying how we looked like a cult. They’re not too far off. The “trainers” in my community have etiquettes, cliques, and (dis)organized FB groups all dedicated to this game so to call us a cult isn’t too far off. All we need is some Kool-Aid. Standing around in a circle for long periods of time usually has people looking like tourist, but after the game was released, it became part of the new norm.
3. Getting in a strangers car. I wouldn’t advise anyone to do this, not even for a Pokémon but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t do it... in fact once I realized my mistake when the driver decided to tell me the story of the day his mother died... while laughing about it. However, after 2 years I cannot really call the people I play with “strangers.” Before Pokémon Go, I would have avoided getting the back of a stranger’s car, but during raids it has become almost a need and almost environmentally friendly.
4. Talking to strangers. This may surprise a lot of people I know... but I’m not the most sociable person. In fact I can go as far to say that I do my best to avoid people in general. Now strangers aren’t the predators I used to see them as, but a potential player. Until we realize they aren’t then we go back to avoiding them.
5. Going for a walk in less than agreeable weather. I love walking. I love walking my dog. I like walking by myself while listening to music. I’d never walk for long periods of time though after the game was released that all changed. I once stayed out for 24 hours, occasionally resting and grabbing something to eat as well as more caffeinated beverages. (It’s the only way to do this without going insane.) A whole fucking day. Catching invisible monsters around my town with my friend. I don’t remember ever doing this before...

October 2018

I haven’t written a blog post for this website since before it went offline (due to hosting issues) and haven’t really felt the need to express myself creatively until a few hours ago. I was at work when my personal phone rang and the number shown was this toll free number. It look familiar however the audio recording that answered was monotone and flat. It was a computer generated message and its tone was quite threatening. It claimed I had committed fraud with my taxes. Considering my income bracket, who I paid to do my taxes and everything I know else I know on the matter; I was 99% certain I had committed no fraud. Another thing I thought was fishy was that due to where I live, the government agency that I pay taxes to actually needs to address me in two languages. (If you think real hard and received a decent education, may it be at home or at school, you may have already guessed what country I’m from.)
I decided to look up the number and found a shady looking website that screamed early 2000’s with its layout and color scheme. The font was all wrong for a government site, as well as everything else on the website. I continued searching and found a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) article that was quite helpful in understanding where the call was coming from.
They chose a number that was all but 2 digits away from the official government number. Their website covered their tracks as far as not claiming to be the government, but without access to the internet you’d never know. Clearly an attempt to trick me into talking to the representative on the other line, I decided not to answer and type down few words about my experience in case someone looks it up on Google.
Below is the website to the scammers and the CBC article. Scammers' Website CBC Article Global News Article