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Sometimes, the inspirations are more veiled — or the media simply gets them wrong... -Mark Schilling;Mass murder and Sion Sono;Japantimes.co.jp

welcome to the church of dave

the code of conduct for JIKENNEWS.info

Never give advice unless asked. ☻ Respect everyone, especially those whove slighted you. ☻ Animals are as important and no more superior than any other living creature. ☻ Eat plants to rid yourself of the flesh you have consumed. ☻ The flesh of the unborn is healthy, especially when cooked. ☻ Never throw the flesh of the unborn on to your enemies, for they are not worth the nutrition. ☻ Do not mistake the children's meekness for weakness. ☻ If you do not heal your wound you will bleed on your friends; that's gross don't do that. ☻ Avoid fournication on the time of bleeding; that too is very gross. ☻ Vampires drink blood; they are gross. ☻ Vampires only sparkles if gay; that's beautiful. ☻ Always raid in public unless asked otherwise. ☻ Never smoke in the car when a child is present in the vehicle. ☻ Religions are like private parts; we do not expose them to children. ☻ Always remember that Dave is everywhere and no where. ☻ Saint Kevin is always not far from Dave. ☻ Creating multiple accounts is not okay; unless you are Dave. ☻ Never leave the poop in the litter box of a cat for more than 3 days. ☻ Cats are the embodiment of our Lord Dave; though cats smell better. ☻ Never make fun of another player's username... unless you are Dave or Dean.

More to come. Respect all the children of Dave, and may Dean find his way to the promise land.